I Can Be Happy Too…

I wonder how many blog posts begin with “it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on this blog.”  I’m sure it rings true in most cases, cause really who can keep up a blog these days?  Apparently lots of people can just not me haha. I’m sure I will get better, just stick to the chase and keep up the pace.

Part of my internet blogosphere absence has to be blamed on my former job as a real estate agent that I tried out for a month.  Now that that is done and over with I have much more time to dedicate to creative things, writing, music, film and the like.  But I also wanted to get something off my chest.

Yes, it seems that all I have written so far is about concerts, nights on the town, social commentary, and of course, how bleak my outlook on the world can be.  Several of the people close to me pointed out that I should maybe delete those depressing posts in case somebody would take them too seriously.  But that would be dishonest.  I know to a lot of people out there, this blog might be the only chance I’ll ever get to make an impression on you, so you might see those post about my feelings as who I am all the time.  It’s not true.  I wrote those in a moment in time, a moment which has passed and other things have occurred. New feelings of arisen and the old ones have ceased in a never ending fluctuation that is the human psyche. Basically, all I want to say is I can be happy too.  Yes, there are times when the world seems completely and utterly bleak to me and I still feel that ultimately, that’s probably how it really is.  But we were built with the capacity for joy, so that must be worth something, and normally that’s how I feel.  Just don’t be too dissuaded but what sounds so sad, it might just be the happiest moment of your life.

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